"Your School in the Air!"


Scholaroid is a cloud school management web application. All your data are safe and secure in our server. You can access your data from any computer. There are separate modules for administrator, teacher, staff, parents. Through scholaroid parents can analyze the performance of their children from home by visiting you scholaroid page. Using scholaroid creating timetables are never been a tough job. Scholaroid will automatically generates timetables for you. Taking attendance in book are history now. Scholaroid provides tablet & smartphone app for easy attendance record and alerts the parent if their child is absent or late.

Main modules of Scholaroid - School Management System are related to:
  1. System Administration and Management
  2. Records and Profiles Management
  3. Timetable Generation and Updates
  4. Fee Management
  5. Attendance Management
  6. Exam Management
  7. Grades Management
  8. Notification Management
Store daily attendance, examination results & all other records in cloud.
Scholaroid alerts students about latest news & notifications through sms & email.